Crystal Emmanuel

After all that you accomplished, what drives you to continue running?

I have not reached my goal just yet so what drives me is that I have to get my goal before it’s time to hang up the shoes.


How do you motivate yourself on days when you don't feel like running?

I go with the saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard”. I can't get my goal if I stay at home and don't want to train. One day missed and other people get one step ahead of me.


On average, how many times and miles do you run a month?

It depends on if it is in competition time or base training so it changes. It could be 26 days in the month and about 480 miles.


What's the weirdest or funniest thing that ever happened to you while running?

Running with a broken toe in 2011 and winning the race.


What are your favorite types of fuel for running and why?

I go with the Pink. It's a great recovery drink, helps re-hydrate well and stops cramping.


What's your favorite cheat food & drink?

I have a lot of cheat food and drinks but I would go with Tim Hortons Ice Cap and a Honey Dip Donut.


Do you like ice baths? Why or why not?

Yes I do. They are great recovery for the legs and get you ready for the next upcoming hard workout or race.


What's the most important tip you like to give new runners?

My own saying I made for myself “no fear just love”. Fear no one, love the sport and believe in yourself. It will get hard. Set your gold high and if you missed it, at least you tried your hardest to make it to that goal. You fell short but next time you will work a little bit harder to get that goal.


What is your favorite running accomplishment so far?

Making the 2012 Olympic games in London.


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