Desiree Linden

After all that you accomplished, what drives you to continue running?

I love that running is such a personal challenge, it's you versus you. I feel like I'm still pushing my personal limits and finding out how good I can be.


How do you motivate yourself on days when you don't feel like running?

I'm very fortunate to have a great group of teammates to train with everyday they help keep me accountable even on the days I don't feel like getting out the door and they're super fun to be around and log miles with. I'm also very goal driven and when I think about what I want to accomplish I know I have to put in the work. The trick is to get out the door and get started, I can't think of a time where I finished up a run and thought, "boy I sure wish I hadn't done that run."


On average, how many times and miles do you run a month?

On average I'll run about 11 to 12 times per week so around 44 to 48 times a month. I'd say I average around 110 miles per week most of the year so around 440 miles a month.


What's the weirdest or funniest thing that ever happened to you while running?

Oh gosh so many stories from over the years. I think one of the strangest things to happen was getting into a very heated debate with a local police officer who insisted I was running on the wrong side of the road. I was running against traffic. I hate being wrong but also I WAS FRIGGIN' RIGHT! He actually followed me for much longer than I expected arguing his case.


What are your favorite types of fuel for running and why?

I'm all about Double Latte PowerGels. I'm a big coffee drinker and need a nice caffeine kick during workouts. The Double Latte gel tastes good and gives me that little boost. Mix with water!


What's your favorite cheat food & drink?

Donuts & beer. Typically not together although I wouldn't be totally against that.


Do you like ice baths? Why or why not?

In a bathtub situation, no. Too cold! In nature, absolutely. It's usually somewhere awesome and worth the cold toes to stand around and soak up natures beauty.


What's the most important tip you like to give new runners?

Enjoy the process. Running is tough but super rewarding. Learn to enjoy the process of getting outside, putting one foot in front of the other, and moving forward. Not every day will be perfect or amazing but every day you get out the door you are investing in yourself and that's pretty awesome.


What is your favorite running accomplishment so far?

Making the Olympic team in 2012. It was the culmination of years and years of hard work and self belief coming together on one day and not just my own but my entire support teams.


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