Jordynn West

Jordynn West

Jordynn West also known as Jordy was born in Southern California but raised in Chicago until 2018. As a 13 year old, she now lives in the Dallas, Texas area. She started running track at 9 years old with the University of Chicago Youth Track Club. She started off with sprinting events and by her second year she was running mid distance races and hasn’t looked back. In her first 4 years of running track, she has racked up 30 plus All American finishes and 13 National Championships across indoor and outdoor track. She also received a Proclamation of Achievement from the City of Glenn Heights for her academic and athletic achievement in 2019. Outside of track, Jordynn writes a blog for Youth Runner Magazine where she details her training week and competition. In school she’s an honor roll student with her favorite subject being Science and English. With the 2020 season postponed/cancelled, Jordynn continues to train but will be shutting down soon to prepare for her freshmen year of high school.


What's your favorite thing about running and competing?

I really like the grind of training. My coaches are really good at challenging me, making me uncomfortable and getting the most out of me. So when I see that hard work show while competing, it’s a great feeling.

Are you and your siblings competitive?

I have two brothers and one sister. We are all pretty competitive with each other. Video games, basketball, strength training and pretty much everything. Right now, our competitiveness is around push ups and box jumps!

Who coaches you currently?

Sammy Dabbs coaches me now with my running mechanics/speed work. My dad does my mid distance workouts and strength training.

Which distance is your favorite?

Right now, my favorite event is the 1500 meters. It’s a challenging race that takes strong endurance, speed, strategy and strength. So much goes into it and I love that about it.

What's it like being so successful at a young age?

It feels great so far! I still have a long way to go though. I’ve had my fair share of All American finishes and it’s always a great feeling standing on the podium with other great runners. Understanding that the hard work got me there but the journey is just starting. High school and college will be the real and next test. 

What keeps you humble with all of the success and social media popularity? 

I don’t win them all, so that definitely keeps me humble. There’s so much competition just in Texas alone and my 14 year old age group is one of the toughest! Overall, I have never really looked at it as popularity. I have really met some great people and made some connections that will last a long time.

What are your goals as you prepare to start competing at the high school level?

I’m looking to first transition to my new school and team. There will be a lot to learn and I’m looking forward to it. I want to continue to get stronger and faster. It will take a lot to compete at a high level in Texas! So many great runners. I want to really learn how to strategically run my mid distance races. By the end of the outdoor season in 2021, my hope is to run some big personal record times.

Do you have a college in mind you'd like to go to after high school?

I don’t really have a college in mind. I’m learning now that it’s more about the relationship I can build with a coach and does the school have the academic program I’m looking for.

What's the weirdest or funniest thing that ever happened to you while running?

During one of my morning recovery runs around my neighborhood, I ran right up on a family of raccoons. I haven’t ran in that area since that time.

In your free time when you’re not running, what hobby’s do you enjoy?

I like to play with my friends around the neighborhood. We play random games or just ride bikes. I also like trying to play basketball. Haven’t been in a while but I really like going to Six Flags and Trampoline parks. Also, walking my dogs. I have a Weimaraner and English Bulldog.


Who is someone you look up to in the sport?

I look up to Aaliyah Miller who runs at Baylor University. During high school in Texas she won the championship in the 400, 800 and 1600 meters! She has had great success at Baylor so far! I finally got a chance to meet her at a college track meet. She was so nice and encouraging.


What do you want to do when you grow up?

Right now, a career in physical therapy interests me the most. I really want to help people and being around physical activity will be something I will always be passionate about.


What's your favorite movie?

Richie Rich with Macaulay Culkin. It's really funny to me and I like the way he was able to connect with new friends. Something he didn’t have before

What's next for Jordynn West?

Freshman year of high school is next! I may be part of a cross country team for the first time.

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