Adidas Energy Boost ESM Review

In this review, I will be talking about the Adidas Energy Boost ESM running shoe. This was my first time running in a shoe by Adidas. I have to say that this is probably my favorite shoe so far out of everything I've tried and run in.

Right out of the gate I loved the look of the shoe. I have no issues with wild and loud colors but this design looks really nice to me. I also like the darker colors again for the fact that the shoe will stay looking clean longer. I've taken it on some pretty messy runs and the shoe still looks clean, especially the white boost foam bottom.

I was really surprised when I read that this shoe weighs 10.3 ounces and up because honestly it feels more like 7 or 8 ounces to me. So you know I love the weight of the shoe. The upper is a Techfit material that is very flexible and has a sock like fit to it. I really like this for the toe box since I am discovering my toes love more room and freedom, especially on longer runs. The other thing I like is that the upper is seamless so you won't feel any printed or stitched materials running the top or sides of your toes. I like the Fitframe design the have for the heel which makes my foot feel secure and the cage like feel around the sides of my midfoot. Despite the freedom of the upper material, this frame keeps your foot very secure but not feeling trapped.

The boost foam is pretty nice. I will admit that it feels great to walk on and losing some of that feeling when you run on it, but even then it still feels nice. What I have noticed is that it will feel less cushioned once you start running but because the foam has a spring like response to the foot strike, you literally feel like you get an energy boost throughout the run since the foam is doing some of the work for you. So I can kind of relate it to the Salming Distance A2 that I reviewed but this feels like it has more spring to it. As far as the tread on the bottom, I like the grip it has especially on wet surfaces.

If I had to mention anything negative so far, it would just be that I tend to experience a slight pain in the bottom of my right foot from time to time in the metatarsal area. Now it only happens in the right foot, and it comes and goes so it could be my form but again, I've only noticed this happening in this shoe so far. But usually it doesn't last long so I am able to tolerate it until it goes away. Honestly, if that's the only thing I have to deal with and it never gets worse, I am okay with that.

Overall I love this shoe. I have put 65 miles in it and ran my fastest 5K in it. I recently used it for a half marathon and it felt great which means I will most likely use it for my next half marathon and full marathon. I highly recommend this shoe to anyone looking for something new to try.

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