Newton Distance IV Review

In this review, I will be talking about the Newton Distance IV running shoe. Even though the Distance V is now out, the shoe is still pretty much exactly the same. If I happen to find there to really be any difference good or bad I will write a review on it.

With Newton's, it's recommended to start with their POP 3 show or if higher, the POP 2. Reason being that this isn't really a brand you should just jump right into their top shoes. The POP 1 shoes have lower heel to toe drops and more responsive lugs in the forefoot. So it's a brand you want to ease into and be smart with. This particular shoe is even more responsive as it's categorized as a POP 1+ shoe. I remember my first two runs were back to back 8 milers and my achilles and calves were really sore, but once I adapted to the shoe it became an instant favorite.

This shoe is extremely light, weighing at 7 ounces. The toe box is extremely breathable and loose. For someone like me who sweats a lot and likes a lot of toe room, this is a great shoe. It's the perfect shoe for a forefoot striker. Now I know you're probably wondering why I like it then but I have found that even with my moderate heel striking, this shoe still works great for me. Because of the weight it seems easier for me get off my heel and the response of the lugs help lift my foot off the ground reducing the impact. This shoe also features Newton's S.H.A.R.C. rubber which is super high abrasion rubber compound in the forefoot area and still keeps a high amount in the heel which I believe it why I still feel okay despite the lower amount of cushion.

I am really going to miss this shoe when I have to retire it because I also really like the look of it. It doesn't help that I don't like the new color either but this one is cool to me and very visible for those early morning or late night runs.

This shoe has really become my favorite racing shoe as I have been able to reach a couple of PR's lately in it. It's a great race shoe because of the firm ride and the weight. I recently hit 100 total miles in the shoe and love it for half marathons. Since I prefer a little more cushion for anything longer than a half I think I might prefer to keep it for this distance and shorter but would definitely consider running at least once full marathon in it because I am confident in the shoe overall.

If you're looking for a racing shoe or something to do your speed work in I would highly recommend this shoe. Again I really encourage you to start with a POP 2 or POP 3 shoe but when you feel ready for a POP 1 shoe, I really think you should give this one a try.

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