Adidas Supernova Glide Boost Review

In this review, I will be talking about the Adidas Supernova Glide Boost running shoe. This was my second time running in a shoe by Adidas. I have to say that I still think the Energy Boost is my favorite shoe so far out of the Adidas brand but I also still like this model.

I definitely like the look of this shoe. I've come to like almost every Adidas running shoe I've seen. They definitely seem to have some good designers who consider all types of runners preferences when it comes to looks. I've used this shoe a good amount so far and it honestly still looks brand new.

This shoe weighs 10.7 ounces but at times actually feels lighter. The upper is supposed to be very breathable but I feel that it isn't as much as the Energy Boost. This model is their wider toe box shoe but I feel like it's still fairly narrow. I think since I've run in the Energy Boost and tested out the Ultra Boost, both having a more stretchy upper, this material feels like the traditional mesh making it less comfortable for my toes. I also think the tongue is too big and thick. Thankfully it's not uncomfortable but I prefer a thin and light tongue, one that I barely feel and notice.

The boost foam is still through majority of the shoe like most of their models with this one being what I would consider right in the middle. Less than the Ultra Boost and Energy Boost but more than the Boston Boost and Tempo Boost. As far as the tread on the bottom, I like the Continental rubber treading on the sole which continues to provide a lot of grip, especially on wet or slick surfaces. Once again, despite the bottom of the shoe being majority white, whatever they use to protect the foam definitely holds up because it stays clean looking for a long time.

So far I have put it over 75 miles on the shoe. The cushion continues to feel responsive and comfortable. Despite the weight being higher than I like, it still feels pretty comfortable on longer distances. Honestly I would consider this more of a trainer or long distance shoe versus anything for shorter distances or speed runs. I tend to choose this shoe for runs where I know I will be going a little slower and will be on my feet more but don't want the extreme softness of something like a Hoka.

Overall I love this shoe but will be honest and say it's not one of the shoes I consider grabbing first when trying to decide what to run in each day. I still recommend this shoe often and encourage you to give it a shot if you're looking to stay under $150, get a good amount of cushion, a nice looking shoe and a little toe space compared to their other models than run more narrow.

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