Saucony Peregrine 6 Review

In this review, I will be talking about the Saucony Peregrine 6 trail running shoe. This was my second time running in a shoe by with Saucony's new EVERUN cushion and I love it more and more with each use. With my location, trail shoes are honestly not needed. Most trails around here are not technical and you can use a road shoe on them just fine. But for the occasional technical spot or trail, it's nice to have a good trail shoe and in my opinion, this is a great one!

This shoe weighs 9.4 ounces but seriously feels lighter to me. This is a 4mm drop/offset shoe for neutral runners. It's considered firm and responsive but I would add that it's very cushioned as well. The shoe has a flexible midsole and the treading on the outsole is very thick and provides a lot of traction. There's also a rock plate in the shoe for extra protection. It's not water resistant or waterproof but it also doesn't retain water as well.

I originally got this for a popular 1.25 mile mildly technical trail where I live as well as a 27 mile levee trail along our Everglades. It has now also become my choice for many road training runs as well. I am seriously considering getting a couple of pairs and using one for the trail runs and one for the road runs. This shoe seriously feels good on both surfaces.

I've had this shoe for about 2 months now and already have 72 miles on it. Considering how many shoes I have and rotate, that means I've used the shoe a lot more than many of my others. I believe one week I did 4 or 5 runs and all of them were in this shoe. The rock plate helps reduce the impact of the rocks poking the bottom of your feet. The tread and flexibility of the shoe reduce sliding and twisting when landing on unstable rocks, sticks, etc. Heck, even the shoelaces are pretty rugged in case you run through some trails with sharp branches and things that can tend to get caught in the laces. On one run recently, the last mile consisted of a heavy downpour. I could see the water coming out the the top and sides of the shoe as I landed. That was helpful in keeping my feet just damp and not soaked. No wrinkly feet or toes and no blisters when I took the shoes off. I love the tread especially on our hilly trail because it grips well and I feel stronger going uphill and stable, secure and safe going downhill, even when landing on the unstable rocks.

Overall I really love this shoe! Like I mentioned already, I would definitely consider getting a couple more or at least another one when this one is done. A versatile shoe like this that can be used on pretty much any surface is definitely a good value for only $120. Ever since I got this shoe I have been bragging about it and recommending it to everyone. I don't see that changing any time soon either!

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