Brooks Racer ST 5 Review

In this review, I will be talking about the Brooks Racer ST 5 running shoe. Since getting this shoe on Christmas Eve, it's literally been my most used shoe and been on a couple of memorable runs.

I instantly loved the look of the shoe; which you should have guessed by my taste in the bright colors of running apparel. I especially like that it's pretty visible in darker runs like early morning before the sun is up or late evening after the sun has gone down.

I was really happy with the weight and feel of the show as soon as I put it on. Like the typical racing style shoe, it's supposed to be pretty light and this one definitely is; weighing around 8 to 9 ounces. The upper material is really comfortable on the top of the foot. Really light material that is extremely breathable keeping the foot cooler. I like that the shoe feel snug around the laces and ankle but stay loose around the toes. Since my feet swell a lot on runs, especially my toes, the spacious toe box is a great feature to me.

This show is also a supportive shoe with a little bit of stability. As a neutral runner I normally do not like the feel of stability style shows and don't end up using them but this one is meant for people with medium to high arches like me so it actually feels pretty comfortable. The DNA midsole cushion is very comfortable and provides a little bit of a spring to your step. I've taken this shoe on runs from 8 to 26 miles and it felt great on each of the runs. The cushion and weight definitely help on the longer runs when my legs feel fatigued and heavy.

Earlier I mentioned that the shoe has been on a couple of memorable runs. The first one was actually the very first run in the shoe. It was a 12 mile training run hosted by my job; and I was one of the pacers. I was nervous about a 12 mile run being the first run in the shoe but it felt great the entire time and didn't give me any issues. The next memorable run was using it to run the Disney marathon. As my legs and feet got soaked from dumping water on my head throughout the race, the breathable material definitely helped air get to the socks and dry them off as much as possible. The most recent memorable run was using them for the Miami half marathon in which I got a PR of 1:38:03 in which the weight of the shoe definitely helped me keep my speed and the cushion handled the harder pounding.

Since I have about 10 shoes and rotate them constantly, it usually takes a while for me to hit 50 miles in a shoe and feel confident enough to write a review with all the positives and negatives. This shoe has received some special treatment lately and I've already run 64 miles in them in just over a month. I really cannot think of anything negative to say about this shoe other than the fact that I recently found out it is being discontinued. So I definitely need to look into a couple of pairs if possible because I'd really prefer to use this as my race show going forward. I highly recommend you getting a pair if you can and try it out while it's still in stores or online.

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