Brooks Launch 4 Review

In this review, I will be talking about the Brooks Launch 4 running shoe. This is my first version of the Launch that I could actually wear because they've always been too narrow in the toe box for me. After running about 50 miles in them I think I have a good enough idea about this shoe to finally review it.

This shoe weighs 9 ounces but still feels decently light. This is a 10mm drop/offset shoe for neutral runners but also has a little bit of support which I've witnessed it work for people who over-pronate as well. The cushion is a little firmer than I prefer for a training shoe but it's pretty good for a speed work and racing shoe. 8 miles has been the longest distance I've run in this shoe but it was easier to go faster and maintain a pace because of the closer to the ground feel.

The upper materiel is pretty light and a little stretchable. The fit is on the border of snug and a little roomy. There's definitely more width in the toe box of this version versus the Launch 3. They've added more blown rubber in the forefoot to give more of a springy toe off feel. Their DNA mid sole cushioning isn't as apparent in this shoe as I experienced with the Glycerin. It's supposed to feel softer when you're going slow and firmer when you're going fast but it feel consistently firm for me.

The price of the shoe is $99 which is on par with the other shoes in this price range since the overall lifespan of the shoe is less than something you'll get with a $119 and above shoe. If you've been a Launch fan previously, I don't see any changes that will make you stop liking this shoe. Overall, I'll use this as a fast run type of shoe. Something to do speed work or races in.

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