Little Kid, Big Heart

Meeting Adrian

I first met Adrian at the start line at a local 10K in 2016. I remember being fairly new to running still and thinking "this kid is crazy starting up here". But by mile 1 I was wondering "is this kid really going to beat me?". By mile 4 I was still behind him and was very impressed. To this day I acknowledge that just trying to hang with him helped me run a great race and lead me to 3rd place in my age group among some tough competition. I passed him somewhere around mile 5 and only beat him by about 20 seconds but he definitely earned my respect and I became a fan. Now I have fun seeing him line up with us at the start of races, only to see kids his age take off in front of him. I always want to tell them to just run their race because I know they won't beat him. Sure enough by mile one they are sucking wind and stopping to a walking pace as Adrian stays humble and focused on his race plan. I was inspired by his running and wanted to share his story with the world. Not only is he an amazing runner but he's an amazing kid with a great personality. I'm sure he's been given many nicknames over the years but every time I see him I think of Speedy Gonzalez.

Discovering His Gifts Before Running

Since a very young age Adrian was very headstrong. Before starting Kindergarten Adrian learned to read on his own, through educational videos and practicing. His parents never forced him, he just had a deep desire to learn and to challenge himself. Well before Kindergarten Adrian memorized all 50 states and their capitals. He later learned about 50 countries and their capitals, the entire multiplication table, all the planets in our solar system, the number of stars that each has and facts like the speed of light and other things that made him fun to take to parties. After just a few months in Kindergarten his teacher called his parents in for a meeting to explain that because Adrian already knew all the material, they had him as an interpreter for a classmate that only speaks Spanish. Adrian was fluent in Spanish and English and now has begun taking intro to French. The teacher even told admitted that Adrian had caught her spelling errors on the board. He eventually was moved to first grade gifted at the age of 5. Just like with his education, when it came to running, his parents never told him to workout or run, it always came from within. Adrian has gotten his family into running. Thanks to him, his dad went from running maybe 2 miles at most, to doing a whole lot of 5K's and even a couple of half marathons. His dad has never beat him in a race and know's he never will. Adrian has made his family a lot healthier through his positive influence. His dad said "when you have a 10 year old in your house and he is eating salads daily, staying away from sweets and training all the time, you sort of feel like a loser when he walks by you and you're eating cookies".

Getting Started

What first got me to start running is actually a long, but cool story. When I was 4 years old, my dad, my older brother and I wanted to go on an adventure on our bikes. We were getting ready to get on our bikes when my dad thought of where we were going to ride. It was a rocky trail that went on for many, many miles, but we were only going to cover about 3 miles. I was still on my tiny bike with training wheels which made it impossible for me to ride on that path. What I don't remember was how this idea got into my mind, but I told my dad I wanted to run it. My dad laughed and was all like "Are you serious!!???" or "There's no way you could do that. You've never run before!" and they left without me which left me even more impatient and excited to run the 3 miles next to their bikes. After one month of begging, my dad finally let me run with him on his bike, but he was still full of doubt and he didn't expect much. I started running, and it actually didn't seem too hard. After a mile of running next to my dad on a bike, he was shocked of what I was doing. At the end, I was exhausted and as red as a tomato. It felt so hard, but it was quite an experience that I wanted to do it again. That's when I first decided I was going to go to the gym with my dad and run on the treadmill. That's when I came up with the idea of being a runner.

Becoming A World Record Holder

When I got my 5K world record at 7 years old it was at a race in Biscayne Bay, Florida. The race felt very short and I did not think it was certified, but it turned out to be certified after all if it became a world record. It only felt short because I ran it so fast. I remember my dad showing me before the race where I should start speeding up at about a half-mile away from the finish line. During the race, I started speeding up at that point and it felt like I did it in 3 minutes. In that race, I had a bad start because it was very crowded there and I was getting squished at the starting line. Another thing that bothered me that could've probably let me break 20 minutes was that up until mile 1, a kid of about 11 years old was blocking me from passing him. He would always look back and when he saw me turn to one side, he would look back and go in front of me. I slowed down because I was running on his heels and I was moving side to side instead of running in a straight line. But, it also worsened his time because he was slowing down and I ended up beating him.

I am now 10 years old, almost 11, and I can't beat the time of 20:06 that I ran in that race. My closest to that time is 20:13 that I got while I was still ten. I actually broke a world record early that year that was previously 22:22 and I had gotten 22:14. This was in the Lion Run in West Palm Beach which had running through a track, a baseball field, a lot of grass, and included many turns. I held the record of 22:14 for about 1 month until it was beat by William Tullis with a time of 21:21. This record was beat very soon by a kid I do not remember the name of with a time of 20:58. I was very impressed of this time until I got 21:10 in a race. I knew I was close and I had a chance of a getting the world record back. After about 2 or 3 weeks, I got the record of 20:06, which was very soonly beaten by Stone Smith with a time of 19:54. The 7 year old world record has been beaten many times after that and it is now 19:01 by Daniel Skandera, a kid that actually won the 1500m Junior Olympics by a quarter lap, breaking the world record, and he had done it barefoot.

Enjoying The Sport

One thing that I like about running is that when I am feeling stressed out or mad about something, I can just go for a run and it all gets better. I always feel a runner's high in me that always tells me to run. Another thing that I like about running is that it is probably the best and most simple sport in the world. There aren't that many rules like in baseball or football. Not only am I in good physical shape to run, but even if I wasn't in a really good shape, I would still be able to run often. It is the will power that I have that always helps me. It's not like I shout in joy when I have to do another 5K every day. Most days I just feel like quitting and I could've stopped early in this 5K streak I'm currently running or not even have started it. My will power is so strong, I can probably continue this streak forever if I didn't have summer camp in July. My favorite distance is probably in between a 5K and a 10 miler. A 5K is the perfect distance for me, since I don't like doing anything less than 3 miles. I am not a fast short distance runner and I only like doing what I am good at.

I've run a half marathon but the reason I didn't like it that much was because at about mile 9 or 10, it got boring! That's why the maximum distance I can run without getting bored is about 10 miles. I was running with my dad for the first 3 miles because he didn't want me to get too far away and get lost. If he had let me go, I would've had a chance of breaking the world record. When I finished, I wasn't even that tired, but my mom was waiting for me at the finish with her arms out ready for me to collapse! She had also written my name, her name, and her phone number on my arm in case something happened during the race. I hadn't trained before doing the race. I had only ran 3 times the month before the race and it was about 3 to 5 miles.

Setting Goals

My running goal for the near future is to make the track team at my school. The maximum distance that they will let me do is about 1 mile. Another near future running goal is to be able to finish my 6 month 5K streak. I started on the 9th of December which was a real 5K race. My streak will end on Jun 10, 2018. A long-term future goal is to make it to the Olympics for the 5K or 10K. Since I started running, I had always dreamed of becoming an Olympian runner. My biggest dream is to race in the High School Foot Locker Cross Country Championships which is a race that is a 5K of all grass and hills that only the best qualified high school runners get into. On Youtube, I have watched all of the male and female High School Foot Locker Cross Country Championships since 1999. I have always been obsessed with these types of races that are meant for younger people that are not only meant for Olympian or elite adults.

Inspired By The Best

Mo Farah, Robby Andrews, and Usain Bolt are my favorite runners in the world. Starting off with Mo Farah, he is an Olympian that has always been the legend in long distant races. Robby Andrews is a college runner that owns one of the best running comebacks in history. Finally my favorite, Usain Bolt. When he ran not only does he win pretty much every time, but he destroyed the track as well. I was invited by Runner's Depot owner Renee Grant to join the Runner's Depot racing team. Because I was always running and winning all of my races she invited me to be a part of the team. Many people, including strangers cheer me on and support me when they see me at the front of a race. Runners are actually very nice people because running makes you relaxed and takes off all of your stress as I said earlier. So when people see me, they are always giving me much support when I am going throughout the race or crossing the finish line.

Inspiring Others

On my YouTube channel, I want to help people be better runners by giving them tips of advice such as stretching, diets, warming up, drinking healthy juices and I will share with all my followers on YouTube how I do everything that I do to become a good runner. Also, I will share my results in a 5K many times so you guys can see who did better. Also, this channel is supposed to be a way for us runners to collaborate together and share tips on how to be a better in every aspect. This is also the reason I have my Facebook channel so that I can connect with other runners there as well.

Connect With Adrian

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