Hoka One One Mach Review

In this review, I will be talking about the brand new Hoka One One Mach running shoe. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect running shoe because everyone would be wearing the same shoe. But I do believe there is the perfect running shoe for each individual. I have a lot of shoes that I've liked, a couple that I loved, but rarely one that I considered perfect. This is one that for me personally, is perfect! After using the Clayton 2 and really liking it, I was nervous that the newly designed version (the Mach) was going to be a drastic change. Basically, Hoka redesigned the Clayton and renamed/re-branded it. I don't know about the national feedback yet since it just released a couple of weeks ago, but I absolutely love the changes. This shoe is one of their new shoes that is a part of their new Fly Collection.

This shoe weighs 8 to 9 ounces depending on your size but even for my size 12, it feels a lot lighter than that. This is a 5mm drop/offset shoe for neutral runners. The cushion feels firmer to me than the other Hoka models but that's what I like about it. You still get the max cushion but now it's not so soft, and I feel like I can push off easier. At times when I've been running in it my thoughts have been that it feels like it's a high cushioned racing flat.

"The shoes has a dual density PROFLY midsole and full RMAT outsole. PROFLY provides a forgiving landing and responsive toe off, while that RMAT outsole offers additional responsiveness, as well as durability." - Hoka One One website.

The upper materiel is very light, roomy and breathable. I really like the toe box space in this shoe. As I always mention, the wider the toe box, the happier I am. The Mach has that nice balance of a wide fit but not loose and sloppy. The midfoot and heel feel pretty snug and secure which is great. With the Clayton and Clayton 2, the arches were pretty high and noticeable and took some time of use to sink down. With the Mach, I didn't notice it at all and I feel like they finally nailed the arch issue that I had and heard others mention.

Another thing I really like, since I'm considering buying a couple of pairs is that I like all of the color schemes. Normally I'll like one or two, but with the handful of colors with the release, I didn't dislike any of them. I bought the one pictured above but I feel like the designers did a good job with the initial color choices.

The price of the shoe is $140 which is nice because the Clayton and Clayton 2 were $150. So it's nice to see a shoe get better and drop in price where as I see so many stay the same or even have negative changes and go up in price. I have taken this shoe on a couple 16 and 17 mile runs as I train for my 50 miler at the end of this month and will definitely be using this come race day. I highly recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a good versatile running shoe for all types of runs, fast, slow, short, long, training, racing; whatever! I really hope the re-branding of this shoe is a success and it sticks around for a long time!

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