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I received these P3R Ready.Set.MOVE. boxes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!"

Being into fitness opens us to the opportunity to discover so many different products that can help us before, during and after a workout. Whether it's something we consume, wear, use on us, or take with us, brands never stop providing new stuff for us to get our hands on. As someone who's been able to test a lot of different things over the years since I started running, I was definitely interested in these boxes of goodies.

Ready.Set.MOVE. is a quarterly subscription box created for those passionate about moving toward their fitness goals. Each box is carefully curated with industry-leading products (valued at $100+) that can be used during workouts and training. Subscribers can look forward to receiving their box every January, April, July, and October. Keep reading and you'll find a discount code just for you.

When I got the first box I was really impressed with the packaging. The inside of the box is branded and it's filled with colorful confetti which makes it feel like a birthday gift or Christmas gift. It definitely made it fun to open. I was really happy with the variety of products, some I was familiar with, others I had never heard of. If I talked about my experience with every product, I would need to make this a multi-part blog/series, and I'll save us both the trouble of dealing with that. So, I'll review some of my favorite products and touch quickly on some other features and likes/dislikes.

I've used a lot of Honey Stinger products in the past being a former ambassador but I never tried all of the flavors as I tend to stick to what I know I like. The waffles have always been a favorite of mine because despite their size, their pretty filling and always delicious. This strawberry flavor didn't let me down. I used it as a mid-day snack before a run during lunch and it definitely held me over and kept me energized.

A brand and product I had never heard of was Floyd's On The Go. The box came with a vanilla and chocolate recovery protein pack. I tried the vanilla after a tough speed workout and it was absolutely delicious. I blended it with some milk and ice to make a smoothie and really enjoyed it. After another run a couple of days later I did the same with the chocolate pack and continued to fall in love with the product. This is definitely something I will be purchasing more of in the future as my body felt good the next day and I wasn't as hungry after my runs as I typically am.

Some of the other products I liked was the Nuun Sport fruit punch tablets. I've always been a fan of Nuun though I double the amount they recommend per bottle since I like more flavor. The La Colombe Coffee drink was okay. I'm not a fan of straight coffee so after a sip, I poured it in a glass and mixed in some of my favorite creamer and it was delicious. The KT TAPE pain relief gel is pretty strong. It definitely works better than some of the other similar products I've used in the past though I really liked the recovery balm by Floyd's On The Go. I've been using a similar product made by a friend but this one worked a lot better and was way less messy. The SPI BEAMS LED hat was pretty cool but no matter how I tried to adjust it, the lights didn't project where I wanted so I'd definitely stick with my headlamp for seeing in the dark.

When I knew the next box would be shipping out soon I started to get excited all over again. I couldn't wait to see what new goodies would come this time around. Once again, the box was stuffed with confetti just adding to the excitement. There were slightly less items in this box but it's not always about quantity, especially when it's the quality that counts. After liking the previous coffee option from La Colombe, I was interested in trying this lemon flavored one, especially since a fellow BibRave ambassador hyped it up for me. I'm sorry to say, I spit it right out and poured it down the drain. You might like it, but I was grossed out by it.

Every once in a while you'll stumble across a healthy/nutrition bar that tastes so good that it makes you want to buy a whole box. This peanut butter, banana and oats bar by Bob's Red Mill was so freaking good! I instantly went to the website and looked for it because I wanted more! This is definitely something I would enjoy during my 100 milers in between aid stations. I also used the almond protein powder but just by itself, I wasn't a fan. I mixed in some banana one time and peanut butter another time. That made it delicious for me, as just drinking it straight was too plain for my liking. Personally I'd go with the Floyd's On The Go since I like it straight out of the package.

The CBD Gems by Floyd's On The Go which are gummies, were good though I can't say for sure if they had any affect on me. Maybe this was a mistake on my part but when I went to try their softgels, I assumed it was a chewable. Oops! It's a pill. Let's just say I quickly had to get something to drink because it did not taste good at all, which it's probably not supposed to. I liked that I got the brand new Nuun Energy Berry product that was just released. It's definitely delicious and helped fuel me during my recent 23 miler. This box came with an ankle sleeve that could've come in handy this week but it's too big and fits loose. No worries though! If you want to exchange something for a different size or color, they have a contact email in their FAQ section for you to do so. That's comforting to know for future items. They also have some cool gear and accessories on their website.

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I definitely recommend this subscription box, especially since there may be items your local fitness, bike, or running store doesn't carry. If you're considering trying it out, you can use code BibRave10 for $10 off the first box for all first-time subscribers! If you want to sign up for a full year, you can sign up for an annual subscription and save $20.

If you'd like to get more opinions on these, check out my fellow ambassadors who have shared their experiences as well. I've linked their blogs and videos below.








Mark (January Box)

Mark (April Box)





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