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DISCLAIMER: I received my Road iD to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!"

Many years ago I purchased a Road id bracelet but found myself never wearing it. There wasn't anything wrong with it, I just forgot to put it on most of the time. Since I only use it when out for a run or bike ride, I would take it off when completing my workout and getting home. Because of this, I would either forget to bring it or forget to put it on. Otherwise, when I wore it, it was comfortable and a peace of mind for it's emergency reasons.

Recently I had the opportunity to get another one and decided to get the Sidekick iD because I loved that I could attach it to my watch and never have to worry about forgetting it. My biggest concern was how it would fit and feel, wondering if it would make wearing the watch uncomfortable. That turned out to be far from my experience. What I actually noticed was it made the fit of my watch fit better because my wrist size fell between two notches on the band. This made the watch either a little loose or tight. With the Sidekick iD attached, it not fits perfectly. I've taken it on many runs and rides, including recently on my 50 mile road race. I love how comfortable it is and how I forget it's even there.

They have different size options that allow you to get one for pretty much any watch you can think of. The instructions for measuring to pick the correct size are really simple to follow. I was confident I was ordering the right one. They also have color options, though I like the all black look as it blends in with my watch. You get more than enough lines to put personal information for emergency contacts or any information you'd prefer to add. The text is really easy to read and stands out from the iD background color.

I really love that the engraving is guaranteed for life. It's made of medical grade stainless steel and is weatherproof. They also sell wrist, pet and shoe iD's if you prefer one of those options instead. I must say their customer service is awesome. If there's anything wrong with your iD they'll make it right. They also provide same day shipping. For a great price, you can get something that looks great, feels great, lasts forever and just might save your life.

I would definitely recommend getting one. You never know if or when something will happen and if it does, you don't know if you'll be conscious or not to contact the right people for help. I know my wife and family feel a lot better about me leaving for a workout now, knowing I have that much more of a chance as being saved in case of an emergency. If you do decide to get one, you can use the code “SHIP4FREEBP” for free shipping.

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