Robby Andrews

After all that you accomplished, what drives you to continue running?

There are many ways to look at any given situation, and in my eyes, I have accomplished very little in the running world. I have big goals for my running career, most of which I am yet to achieve. That is what drives me to continue running.


How do you motivate yourself on days when you don't feel like running?

There have been some not so great days in my running career. Some of them were due to injury where I could not run even if I wanted to! On the rare day that I do not feel like running, I will think back to those days and remind myself what a blessing it is to have the ability to go out for a run or attempt a challenging workout.


On average, how many times and miles do you run a month?

I break my training down into weeks. Depending on the time of year and racing schedule, I will run between 7 to 9 times a week, with the mileage being from 55 to 75.


What's the weirdest or funniest thing that ever happened to you while running?

Last year there was a big crew of guys going for a long run in Clinton, NJ, and we left it to Donn Cabral to lead our excursion. That winter was especially snowy, so we resorted to the roads instead of the trails. What started off as a 90 minute run turned into a 2 hour mountain climb that brought many surprises. It only took a few months for us to forgive Donn and now we can all look back and joke about it. Though it has left a few scars that I'm not sure will ever fade away.


What are your favorite types of fuel for running and why?

My favorite fuel for running is chocolate milk! No better way to recover from a run or a workout.


What's your favorite cheat food & drink?

All things in moderation, so they say. But I have a huge sweet tooth, especially for ice cream.


Do you like ice baths? Why or why not?

Ice baths are a core component of my recovery system. I feel they refresh my legs and give me a little extra spring the day after.


What's the most important tip you like to give new runners?

I often emphasize that it is important to stay consistent in your training. Even if you feel the need to cut out a workout or scale back a week, it is important to stick to your training plan with as few interruptions as possible. Also, to have fun with it! If you view running and training as fun and enjoyable, you will be surprised at the possibilities.


What is your favorite running accomplishment so far?

My favorite running accomplishment so far has to be making the 2015 World Championship team for Beijing! After a long journey to get back to where I wanted to be, to finally have all the pieces pull together this year, it is a great feeling.


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